This pillow spray will transport you into calm and peaceful sleep. It’s a heart opener that connects us with the intrinsic joyfulness that is in all of us, the joy that we sometimes forget we have.

Pour this mix into a 30ml spray bottle or a romantic vintage perfume atomiser and place it on your bedside table.

Shake the bottle well before use and spray a lovely rosey cloud of it around you before you go to sleep (remove your glasses first; ) Sweet dreams and keep smiling!

This is what you need:

20ml of rosewater (rose hydrolate)

10ml of alcohol (from the pharmacy)

3 drops of rose rose absolute (essential oil of rose)

1 drop of chamomile essential oil (preferably roman but german chamomile is also good)

1 drop of rose geranium essential oil.

Also make a small spray bottle for your handbag. A spritz of it in a facemask, your collar, a scarf or your child’s blankie will restore one’s mood instantly. Spray a little in your car for an aromatherapy treatment during your journey and feel your inner sparkle re-ignite. This spray is also a great emergency deodorant…

Would you rather order it than make it yourself? Absolutely fine, contact me via €20 for 30ml + postage.