Discover the power of herbs, spices and wild plants!

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Re-discover their precious phytonutrients and other nutritional and healing properties


By growing your own herbs, picking wild plants to eat (most are not weeds!) and making the best use of the forgotten spices, you’ll notice your mind becoming quiet. Their beauty and fragrances will relax you, making it easier to be present and to make beautiful things: to eat and drink, for your living and workspaces and for blissful body care. Enjoy your creations with the people you care about. I’ll show you how.

Let’s relax, make beautiful things and create happiness, together!


About Jené

For some years now I have hosted workshops in The Netherlands and always have the nicest people at my table – people with wide-ranging lifestyles, ages, backgrounds. Typically they have varying levels of interest in gardening, cooking and natural health. They always connect, sometimes even exchanging contact details. People always leave a workshop happy and inspired and I love receiving the updates and photos of their progress in their own “little gardens of happiness”!

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