Herbs have always been my way to intrinsic happiness, “whatever the weather”!


Aside from studying natural health, I have done lots of little courses, read shelves of books, made piles of handwritten notes, spent hours in the kitchen and garden – making myself feel better and finding ways to feed a baby and child with complex allergies at a time when the only plant-based milk available was soya. He was allergic to that too! It has been a great joy to spend hours talking to people equally passionate about herbs, exchanging and devouring each other’s recipes, stopping at nurseries and spice markets and leaving with crazy smelling luggage full of herbs and spices from every country I’ve ever visited. I have cooked, made balms and lotions and much more for many people. I hope that by following my instagram and making my recipes you’ll find ways to boost your vitality, share newfound inspiration and have fun with herbs too! 

In the Netherlands I run workshops on herbs and healthy eating in Dutch and English. I always have the nicest people at my table. If you would like to arrange a workshop with family, a group of friends or colleagues, contact me.

Let’s build a healthier, happier planet together – home by home, garden by garden!




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