This restorative tea will make you really happy!

Recipe for one litre.

You will need:

7 small rose buds or 2 tablespoons of rose petals (fresh or dried)

1 stevia leaf or a pinch of store-bought stevia powder

honey to taste

Boil the kettle and warm your teapot with a little of this water. Allow the rest to cool for a few minutes (to about 80 degrees Celsius).

Place the stevia and rosebuds in the pot and fill it with the hot water. Allow the tea to infuse for 3-4 minutes before pouring. Only add honey once the tea has reached a comfortable drinking temperature. That way you will preserve all the healing properties in the honey. Also delicious with a few leaves of lemon verbena. Savour the lovely rose-infused steam that drifts up from your cup as you take a sip…